Zoom Superstar by Shalena DIVA

Zoom Superstar

Do you feel like you've been thrown into the world of virtual meetings without a guide? Do you find yourself bumbling around on platforms like Zoom? Do you normally do in person consultations and meetings, but now have to conduct virtual meetings? Do you want a guide to navigate this space?

Look no further. I have been hosting virtual classes, meetings and conferences for several years. I know how confusing it can be to conduct them. You have to understand the technology to make it all work seamlessly. Have no fear. I will show you how to work the technology with ease so you can produce amazing webinars, online meetings and virtual conferences using Zoom.

In this class, you will learn the following:
  • 1) Necessary Meeting Settings
  • 2) How To Set Up Webinars
  • 3) Host A Virtual Conference With Multiple Presenters 
  • 4) How To Share Presentations To Viewers
  • 5) How To Host Meetings & Work The Controls 
  • 6) How To Use Virtual Backgrounds
  • 7) How To Set up Virtual Backgrounds on Zoom


A very fun and informative zoom event. I've never used zoom before and already feel quite comfortable moving forward. Thank you Shalena, For making me feel confident as I grow my business.
Carol Campenni
I feel confident that I can produce a polished and professional Zoom event. Shalena, thank you for showing me why it was best to come out of my comfort zone sooner than later. I've been selling face to face for over 20 years. You gave me the education and the tools to make Bold Moves in 2020!!!
Kim Williams Hunter

After Taking This Class...

You will feel comfortable using the controls. You will host flawless webinars, virtual conferences and meetings.

Most importantly, you will present yourself, your company and your brand in a highly professional and engaging way.


You have done it again! The live studio and zoom classes were excellent. You taught me things about the backend of Facebook that didn't even know was there. What you have taught us about zoom was an excellent experience. Every class I've taken with you has always been step-by-step and that's what makes your classes the best. They are easy to follow. You continue to connect with us throughout the learning process. Thank you Shalena for sharing your brilliance with new and struggling business owners.
Sheyel Rorie
You are amazing. Thank you so much for the awesome class you offered to help us better navigate Zoom with ease. Before taking this class I actually shied away from using zoom always finding it intimidating. Not now lol. Since taking the class I'm more confident and finding myself exploring other tools that are available through Zoom. I'm totally loving my virtual background experience. Thanks again for everything!!
Bulinda Wright-Jones

Fabulous Bonuses

  • Facebook Livestreaming Training
  • Fabulous Presentation Creation Method


Whenever I'm on the verge of birthing something huge I always seek my Business Bootcamp Coach/Strategist to get all the latest to take my brand to another dimension. This class far exceeded my expectations. It was more than what I expected. I cannot wait to implement all the amazing tools that were given.
Celetha Riley
This was an amazing class. Shalena shared so much information and took the guess work out of it all.  If you are doing live broadcasts, meetings, workshops or presentations and you want to level up your look and professionalism, you need this class
Felicia Phillips

Professional And Polished Webinars, Meetings & Virtual Conferences

After you apply all that you've learned in this course, your online meetings, webinars and virtual conferences will not only be professional, but stylish.

You will become confident in your hosting abilities and be able to create an awesome experience for your attendees. This class will take your brand to the next level.


I have the free Zoom account. Is it limited?

Yes, the free version is limited. It does not allow you to host meetings of 3 or more people for longer than 40 minutes. It doesn't allow you to stream to Facebook or YouTube. 
Even though you may have the free version, take the class to learn how to set up webinars, stream to Facebook and YouTube. Refer back to the class for future reference when you upgrade.

How Do I Host The Webinars On Zoom?

In order to use Zoom to host webinars, you must have a paid account. You must also purchase the webinar add on that comes with a monthly charge.
Even though you may not have the webinar feature right now, take the class to learn how to set them up. Refer back to the class for future reference.

Will The Class Cover How To Set Up Virtual Backgrounds?

Yes, the class will cover how to set up virtual backgrounds. Please note that ALL accounts have access to virtual backgrounds.

Is There A Replay?

Yes, you will have access to the replay through this site. You can watch as often as you'd like.

No Dollar Left Behind...

Learn how to use Zoom in your business so that you can stay in business. Learn this valuable skill so you won't miss out on opportunities. Don't leave money on the table. Leave no dollar left behind. Register for this class and explode your business virtually.

Meet Your Coach

As the "Start Up Coach" for online coaches, Shalena D.I.V.A. educates, equips and trains them to start a sustainable online business by packaging their knowledge into digital information products.  Her company, Best Selling Year, LLC, specializes in personal branding, content marketing and digital product creation.