The Livestream Money Clinic by Shalena DIVA

The Livestream Money Clinic

Are you doing it? I’m doing it. In fact, everybody’s doing it. Doing what you may ask… well, livestreaming. So many people are livestreaming these days. It’s totally the “in thing” to do. However, did you know that people are EARNING MONEY with livestreaming? Yes, they are. I’m one of them. I have learned how to use livestream as a marketing and sales tool in my business.

Livestreaming is one of the quickest ways for business owners to reach their ideal clients, market to them and EASILY make sales. Livestreaming also helps your business to reach thousands of people for little to no money at all. I learned how to incorporate livestreaming in my business and average $300 in sales every time I go live in my Facebook group. Can you imagine earning that kind of money every time you press the button to go live? Here is a screenshot from a my recent livestream I did where I earned $300 DURING my livestream. I also included screenshots from livestreams where my guests followed my formula and made sales, too.

Do I have your attention now? As you can see, my formula works for all industries and anyone who is selling something. Are you interested in learning how to earn from your livestreams, too? 
Do you have the following questions: 
  • Where do I begin? 
  • What do I say? 
  • How often do I go live? 
  • What kind of software do I use? 
  • How do I get over my fear of being on camera? 

These are normal questions to ask when you're thinking of adding livestreaming to your business mix.

If you have some of these same questions or fears, don’t worry. I got you!!!

My name is Shalena D.I.V.A. I am a global life and online business coach who shows women how to create sustainable online coaching businesses. I show then how to create an online coaching business teaching people what they already know. 

I have found the power of livestreaming and use it to generate 90% of my company’s sales. Livestreaming is the quickest way to turn a prospect into a customer. Not only are you using the power of video, you are also using the interactive nature of livestreaming to speak directly to your audience and build a connection. I am winning with livestreaming. I want to show you how to win, too! That is why I created…

The Livestream Money Clinic

I am conducting the Livestream Money Clinic to show you how to sell your products or services while livestreaming. This clinic is unique because It’s longer than the usual 1 session Masterclass and it's shorter than a mini course which lasts roughly 4 weeks. 

I designed the clinic this way because I realized that my clients got better results when they were able to learn the material, quickly implement what they learned and ultimately execute. My clients thrived under my guidance in a safe and fun environment that held them accountable. In this 1 week clinic, you will learn quickly and take immediate action. No more being stuck.

How The Livestream Money Clinic Works

  1. Clinic runs from July 6 - July 12, 2020
  2. All instruction will be taught in my private online classroom
  3. During week 1 you will receive the training and mini assignments that help you to fully grasp  concepts 
  4. You will develop your livestream script
  5. You will receive instant feedback from me and your clinic peers
In 1 Week, You Will:
  1. Create Content For Your Livestream 
  2. Use Livestream As A Marketing Tool In Your Business
  3. Structure The Flow Your Livestreams
  4. Engage Your Audience
  5. Grow Your Audience
  6. Make An Offer During Your Livestream
You will achieve all of this in 1  week because YOU will do mini assignments throughout the clinic and implement what you learned.


  • How To Livestream On Multiple Platforms At Once
  • How To Choose The Best Time To Livestream
  • Livestream Apps To Use
  • Private Facebook Group For Accountability

Fabulous Benefits

  • A fun and supportive private Facebook community
  •  Accountability from peers
  • Instant feedback on your digital product
  • Lifetime access to the clinic classes and materials

Who is The Clinic For

  1. Someone who wants to learn how to easily sell their products and services via livestreaming.
  2. Someone who KNOWS they need step by step instruction during the learning process.
  3. Someone who could use accountability to help them execute.
  4. Someone who is hungry and teachable.
  5. Someone who will take action even if they are uncomfortable or scared.
  6. Someone who is committed to DO THE WORK.
  7. Someone who is willing to trust the process.
  8. Someone who is ready to be fiercely supported, but not babied into taking action.

Will You Join Us July 6-July 12, 2020?

I used to be afraid to livestream. I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t understand the power of livestreaming until I committed to learning it. It has made a HUGE difference in my life and business.
I want to take the fear out of livestreaming for you and help you to use it in your business. This class will teach you how to make more sales by livestreaming in your business.

Only Want The Masterclass?

The Livestream Money Clinic is a 1 week experience for those who want to soak up the information and implement very quickly. However, you can simply purchase the masterclas and get access to it RIGHT NOW.  You will get the same information as those in the clinic. Snag the masterclass TODAY.
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Meet Your Coach

As the "Start Up Coach" for online coaches, Shalena D.I.V.A. educates, equips and trains them to start a sustainable online business by packaging their knowledge into digital information products.  Her company, Best Selling Year, LLC, specializes in personal branding, content marketing and digital product creation.