Dinner With The D.I.V.A: Brand Clarity by Shalena DIVA
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Dinner With The D.I.V.A: Brand Clarity

Starts Jul 26, 2020 at 4:30 PM EDT

Enrollment is closed

Create A Profitable Personal Brand

If you're not making any sales or the amount of sales you want, you either have a personal brand and/or content marketing problem. No amount of Facebook ads can fix this.

Join me for Dinner With The D.I.V.A. I will help you to create a profitable personal brand by teaching you the 4 aspects of a profitable personal brand. 

I will show you how to craft a memorable brand story that will attract your ideal clients as well.

Develop Your Content Marketing Strategy

I am also sharing some of my content creation secrets. I will show you how to easily create content that will attract your ideal clients. I will show you what kinds of content to create to position you as an expert and help you to sell your products and services easily.


Omg.. words really can not describe the entire experience from beginning to end. My husband said to me like where are you going again. The energy of the women in the group was inspiring and for the first time in my business I am clear on who my clients are and they are waiting on me. Thank you so much Shalena Broaster for showing us how we should show you for ourselves and our clients.
Leslie George
"I know a lot of people are going to be really envious when they find out I not only had dinner with Shalena D.I.V.A. on today. My plate was served in Italy. I really enjoyed the evening, dinner, music and listening to everyone’s branding story. One of Shalena’s innate ability is the way she’s able to first relate to then refine a situation where it makes sense. I saw her do this over and over again today. Shalena certainly helped me. Okay, lol no one asked me to write a book. You know a session is fulfilled when it’s time to leave and everyone is still sitting, talking and laughing. For anyone curious about what Dinner With Shalena Diva is like, that’s it!"
Rue Mayweather

Dinner With D.I.V.A. Event Details

Date: July 26, 2020
Time: 4:45 PM EST-7 PM EST
Where: Online
Replay: Yes

Meet Your Coach

As the "Start Up Coach" for online coaches, Shalena D.I.V.A. educates, equips and trains them to start a sustainable online business by packaging their knowledge into digital information products.  Her company, Best Selling Year, LLC, specializes in personal branding, content marketing and digital product creation.